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Peter A. Hurwitz has a long history and is experienced in representing clients in the following general practice areas of law:

Real Estate Transactions

Mr. Hurwitz has substantial knowledge and has assisted both sellers and purchasers in the area of residential and commercial real estate transactions. With his assistance in drafting and negotiating contracts, he has helped many clients sell their homes, and has assisted purchasers with the mortgage process and title searches to insure proper and efficient real estate closings. Mr. Hurwitz has provided expert legal assistance by analyzing his client’s real estate transaction and to rectify any potential problems to ensure a successful real estate closing.

Landlord and Tenant

Mr. Hurwitz has extensive experience in representing clients on both sides of landlord/tenant disputes. He has assisted Landlords in situations where tenants fail to pay rent, or where a tenant continues to occupy a premises after their lease has expired and is a “hold over” in the premises. Mr. Hurwitz also fights hard to protect tenants in situations where a landlord seeks to violate the rights of the tenant. Mr. Hurwitz provides effective representation and advocacy in creating, terminating or defending tenancies.

Criminal Law

Mr. Hurwitz has handled various types of criminal law matters for his clients, including Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) cases, and various other minor criminal charges, such as shop lifting and other Justice Court matters. He has a long history of effectively advocating for clients in the Justice Courts of Rockland, Westchester and Orange counties.

Wills, Trusts and Estates

Mr. Hurwitz has been assisting clients in the area of Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, Health Care Proxies, Living Wills, and Estate Administration and Probate for many years. Many people do not realize that without a Last Will and Testament, a person’s estate may be distributed in a manner that they do not intend. Through the information and advice received from consulting with Mr. Hurwitz, clients have been able to make informed decisions about the transfer of the wealth and assets, and have made arrangements for assistance in decision making should the individual become incapacitated. In addition, for individuals who have had a relative pass away, Mr. Hurwitz has provided effective and efficient assistance in the probate or administration of the relative’s estate.

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Peter A. Hurwitz

Peter A. Hurwitz began his legal career working with his father, Martin Hurwitz, and became a partner in the Law Firm of Hurwitz and Hurwitz P.C. His father, Martin Hurwitz, established the law firm in 1955. The firm brought decades of experience with a strong commitment of expertise, competence, and the finest legal representation to its clients. Martin Hurwitz practiced law in Rockland County with both a respected and exceptional reputation by his colleagues, clients and courts. Upon retirement, the legacy of his law practice continues today with the Law Office of Peter A. Hurwitz.

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