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Speeding and Traffic tickets

The Law Office of Peter A. Hurwitz, PLLC has a proven track record of assisting drivers who have received traffic tickets and violations in Rockland and Westchester counties. We charge a flat fee to handle speeding tickets and other non-alcohol related moving violations prior to trial, and fight hard in court to get your ticket dismissed or reduced.

The consequences in New York State for speeding include points, fines and surcharges for a driver’s conviction on speeding violations even the first time. The points assessed are as follows:

Violation                                                                                Points

Speeding 1 -10 miles over the speed limit                             3

Speeding 11 – 20 miles over the speed limit                         4

Speeding 21 – 30 miles over the speed limit                         6

Speeding 31 – 40 miles over the speed limit                         8

Speeding more than 40 miles over the speed limit               11

It should be noted that a driver who has accumulated 11 or more points in 18 months may have their New York State driver’s license suspended, and three speeding convictions in 18 months will result in the mandatory suspension of your New York State driver’s license. Convictions for speeding violations will result in fines and surcharges in varying amounts depending on the severity of the offense, and drivers who accumulate 6 or more points in an 18 month period will be assessed a Driver Responsibility Assessment fee by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles for 3 years in increasing amounts for each point over 6 points.

If you have received a traffic ticket in Rockland or Westchester Counties, and reside in another state or country, Peter A. Hurwitz can help you defend your rights, fight hard to get the ticket reduced, or dismissed, if possible, without the necessity of coming back to New York. You should plead not guilty to your ticket and contact Mr. Hurwitz to assist in reducing any fines and to help avoid the possibility of higher insurance premiums.

In addition, Mr. Hurwitz has defended commercial truck drivers who have received citations for various different violations, such as overweight loads, with a proven track record of success. Although tickets given to commercial vehicles can be extremely costly, with Mr. Hurwitz’ experience and assertiveness, he has saved trucking companies thousands of dollars in fines.

Also, the Law Office of Peter A. Hurwitz, PLLC can help you defend against DWI (driving while intoxicated) charges by providing advice and guidance throughout the court process. We fight hard for your rights and negotiate with the District Attorney’s office to reach a favorable plea bargain agreement, or, in the alternative, proceed to trial and fight hard for a dismissal of the charges.

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